Per Governer DeWine's order we will be closed until further notice. Please direct any questions regarding aftercare to

4036 Hamilton Avenue, Northside


Parking available on street or in the Northside Parking lot behind the shop

Any questions call or email us at:

Here are some tips for a happy, healthy piercing and/or tattoo:

Walkins are always welcome but it's never a bad idea to make an appointment to minimize any wait you may have. Piercing appointments can be made over the phone but tattoo appointments generally must be made in person.

You should always eat something a half hour to four hours before getting pierced and tattooed. Having a little fuel in you helps your body during the procedure.

Don't forget your ID. Cincinnati regulations require that everyone have a valid state issued ID to get pierced and tattooed. If you do not have a state issued picture ID, we can use any picture ID with your birth certificate.

We will pierce many piercings on minors with a parent or legal guardian present. The minor and the parent must both have state-issued picture ID. If the names and addresses on the IDs do not match, we would also need a birth certificate. If you do not have a state-issued picture ID, we can accept any picture ID with a birth certificate. If you need specific information about age and ID requirements, please call the shop at (513)281-5798.