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Ear piercings are probably the most common piercing seen today. Unlike traditional ear jewelry made from thin, low-grade metal inserted with unsterile intruments, our jewelry is fashioned from implant-grade metals, is thick enough to stand up to normal play, and is pierced in a scrupulously clean enviorment with sterile instruments. Jewelry selection varies depending upon where on the ear you are piercing. Ear lobe and cartilage piercings are most commonly done with rings although barbells and plugs can be used as well. The Industrial piercing is done with a barbell that passes through both piercings. Most other ear piercings can be done with a variety of rings and barbells. Plugs and Eyelets are especially useful in larger piercings. Since Eyelets are hollow, a ring can be worn through them for a very distintive look. Just remember to stretch your piercing slowly and gradually to avoid tearing.

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