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Labret, Lip & Cheek

For thousands or years, piercings of the lips and cheeks have been practiced around the world.  Within the last few years they have been gaining popularity in today's modern society.  Lip piercings should be relativly perpendicular to the lip to avoid a sharp angle and be put in a nuetral location for comfort and to avoid getting caught on teeth and gums. Like the tongue piercing, a larger piece of jewelry must be worn during the initial stages of the healing process to accomodate swelling. It is essential after the healling process to purchase jewelry that fits snuggly; otherwise damage to teeth and gums can occur.

Common Jewelry Sizes for Piercing 

Gauge (Thickness)


Initial Piercing - Labret Stud

16 14

5/16" 3/8" 7/16"

Initial Piercing - Captive Bead Ring

16 14

7/16" 1/2"

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