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Nostril piercings have enjoyed a great rise in popularity in the recent past. This wonderful piercing is appreciated by people all over the world and is well documented in anthropological books and magazines. Both Captive Bead Rings and Nostril Screws will work well in this piercing. We specifically bend nostril screws for each client to ensure a proper fit. When nostril screws are properly bent they are comfortable and stay in very well with very little movement on the inside of the nose. Since nostril piercings tend to shrink in size when the jewelry is left out even briefly, be sure the piercing is well-healed before removing it for any length of time. Feel free to come see us if you have any trouble inserting your jewelry. We are always glad to help.

Common Jewelry Sizes for Piercing 

Gauge (Thickness)



20 18 16

5/16" - 7/16"

Nostril Screw

20 18


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